About my work

"वाचाल तर वाचाल" - Marathi Proverb

(You will survive if you learn)
Learning new things, has always been my need to foster the curiosity a hyperactive brain gave me. In turn, I explored each opportunity as an adventure which equipped me with new tools to do things differently.

In school however, I struggled with a mundane and exclusive approach of learning involving only reading and writing. This carried into adulthood, where struggled while studying for the Indian Civil Services, only to realize, the politics of learning.

I set myself on a made the quest for making learning fun, and engaging, and eventually accessible. Games and videos became my source of learning and then inspiration by providing rich narratives and multiple alternative endings.

I drew inspiration from the place I learnt the best, the T.V. Learning through entertainment, the rich narrative worlds that often could have alternative endings led me to explore the domain of Games for Learning.

I am now focused on one goal - making important things interesting. Because why shouldn't learning be entertaining?

My work