I am Tanvi, currently studying Games for Learning at
NYU Steinhardt
📍New York City

I care about

Gif of my face
Making learning experiences engaging, interactive and playful!

My Skills




• Learning Design

• Game Design

• User Experience Design

• Curriculum Development

• Narrative Design

• Visual Design

• Content Creation
• Leadership

• Project Management

• User Research

• Social Media Management

• Community Building
• Mentorship

• Negotiation

• Public Relations

• Internal and External Communication

• Advocacy

• Video Production

Curious Questions

Currently Learning

1. How can socio-emotional learning (SEL) be fostered through Indian Mythology?

2. How can games be used to foster SEL at scale?

3. How does culture affect the social development of a child?

4. What interventions are required to be introduced to shift mindsets about learning?

5. How can evaluations be more fun?

6. Who is the G.O.A.T amongst all the G.O.A.T.s?